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Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

pengertian ntfs dan fat

Especially if you install Windows 2000/XP, you must be at Prevent the question when a hard drive partition that is NTFS or FAT Format With. What is NTFS? What is FAT? Which one is better? To answer this question is not too difficult. Almost all Windows XP users * must * choose NTFS because NTFS and offer better security / safety of more than FAT. Here will explain what the differences in the FAT and NTFS so that you know and choose which is more suitable NTFS VS FAT. Windows XP has 3 filesystems FAT File Allocation Table 16 = 16 32 = FAT File Allocation Table 32 NTFS = NT File System FAT16 FAT16 was introduced by MS-DOS in 1981 (very old school). Initially, the system is designed to manage files on the floppy drive (floppy), now there is aja pake ga dah floppies, FAT16 has experienced several changes that are used to manage files on my hard drive. The advantage is the FAT16 file system is compatible in almost every Operating System be it Windows 95/98/Me, OS / 2, Linux and even Unix. But behind it the biggest problem of FAT16 is having the capacity of a fixed number of clusters in a partition, so the bigger hard drive then the size of the cluster will be greater, meaning that no matter how small the file still will take 16KB of disk. Another bad thing is FAT16 does not support compression, encryption and access control in a partition. FAT32 FAT32 system began in the know on Windows 95 SP2, and the development of more than FAT16. Jumlat FAT32 offers the ability to accommodate a larger cluster in the partition. It also developed the ability to drive is better than FAT16. However FAT32 has a weakness that is not owned FAT16 is limited Operating System that can recognize FAT32. Unlike FAT16 which can be known by almost all Operating System, but it does not matter if you are running FAT32 on Windows XP because Windows XP does not matter what file system in use on that partition. NTFS NTFS on first introduced in Windows NT and is a file system that is completely different in the appeal FAT technology. NTFS offers better security, file compression, clusters and even support encryption of data. In general NTFS is not compatible with other Operating System installed on the same computer (Double OS) is not detected even when you do StartUp Boot using the floppy. For it is advisable to you to provide a small partition that uses the FAT file system at the beginning of the partition. This partition can you use to store the Recovery Tool if it got into trouble. But with technology now that has the Windows XP Recovery Tool itself, I think it's not so important because the ability of Windows XP Recovery Tool is good enough.

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